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This High Speed Mess Called Life

Collection of flash fiction and short shorts about love, rage, misery, hope and food.

(But not necessarily in that order).

What I Saw The Day I Thought You'd Leave Me

(Conduit #18, Spring 2007)

As he strolls away from the bench he's been sunning himself on, the older man's bull-walrus chest parts the air like the prow of a big ship in a storm.



Did You Ever Watch Me Sleep

(Mad Hatters Review, Issue #5, 2006)

I screamed two months of my life into porcelain rims and ruined paint. I went crazy. Every day I walked uptown. I went into this church on 68th and First and cried into wood not my religion, prayed in space I never grew up in, lit candles to statues I had always thought were cartoons.

And you? What did you do?


Wire Monkey
Bets tries not to screw things up. It only takes thirty years.

The Thrift Store Guy (excerpt)

(The American Magazine, January 2006)

With $37 borrowed from the Cellist and a trip to Macy's bargain basement I got through the first couple of weeks of keypunching with the Girls without anyone realizing that I only had two and a half outfits. I did this with Gertie's collection of big earrings. Everyone would stare at my ears and not notice the pants I had worn three days in a row.


Miscellaneous Short Stories and Writings

How Insomnia Saved My Life Until the Night It Tried to Kill Me

(AWAKE!: Reader for the Sleepless, Soft Skull Press, 2007)

Before any of this ever happened, Sleep was a horrid sorrow - the day fading into some dusk, the trains going by and sounds of children being smacked giving way to sounds of adults being smacked. All I knew was there was heartbreak in that pink thing called the sky. Before I could think more about what made a soul hurt, someone would be shaking me awake and another day would begin, offering up its perils into my face and other punching spots on my body.




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